Regarding our apps


At Tikosoft we take your privacy very seriously. Our apps are designed especially for children, with special attention to privacy. We are proud to follow the best practices for kids’ apps as specified by the “Know what’s inside” program.


Our apps:

Do not collect (or share) personal information from children
Do not collect location data
Do not have third party advertisements
Contain a child-locked parental gate

The term “personal information” refers to personally identifiable information through which a user can be identified as an individual. The term “Non-personal information” refers to information that does not directly identify a user.

Collection and Use of Personal Information 

We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 13. 

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information 

Our apps may use tools or third-party analytical software* to collect non-personal information such as: app progress, session times, clicked objects and other non-personal information that may be used to enhance our apps and services and improve the overall game experience. This data is in a form that does not permit direct association with any specific individual.  We do not share non-personal information with third-party companies or individuals.

Parental Gate and links

All external links such as our website, social media and support e-mail are secured behind a parental gate. Our apps do not display third-party advertising. Our apps may contain information or links to other apps by Tikosoft and in this case links are also child-locked and accessible only by adults.

Push notifications and Location Data

Our apps do not use push notifications or collect location data.